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Welcome to the September Update where we have a remarkable number of short games this month. Just a coincidence, it wasn't intended that way!

Download PGN of September '04 1 e4 ... games

Scandinavian Defence

In Lee - Ledger from the recent British Championship, White tries 3 Nf3 against the 2...Qxd5 Scandinavian. I don't like what Black does; his 5...Nc6:

cannot be recommended and he quickly goes down.

In Ye - Malakhov, another 2..Qxd5 example, White seems only to set his sights on a draw and this he achieves effortlessly in one of the main lines commencing the drawing sequence with 15 Bxb7+:

Of course Black should be satisfied with that.

Pirc/Modern Defence

Ganguly - Azmaiparashvili is a sharp 4 Be3 Modern where I think it is very brave of the Indian Grandmaster to confront Azmai on home ground. White quickly builds up a strong attacking position and after 15 e5!:

I would back him to win. Yet Black wriggles out - how many times have we seen that in this most elastic of defences?

Black most certainly does not wriggle out in Galoschipov - Lahno where White would win a prize for the most powerful pawn front after 21 f6:

... that is, if I had a prize to give him.

What do you call 1 e4 d6 2 d4 Nf6 3 Nc3 e5!?? The Pseudo-Philidor? Don't play it like Marzano who gets into a terrible mess against Cebalo with 7...Nbd7?!:

I show that 7..Be6 is clearly better, see the notes to Game 5.


The Panov attack in the Caro-Kann is far from being played out as our next game shows. In Glodeanu - Furhmann Black plays unusually and provocatively with 9...Qc7!? in one of the main lines:

Black loses horribly but I will try to prove that this variation is alright for Black.

Two further Caro's complete the set and Black comes off second-best in both of them.

Turner - Vulevic features 4...Nf6 5 Nxf6+ exf6!? and with 9 0-0!:

, White obtains a risk-free edge which to an extent puts me off the whole line for Black.

Finally, self-styled chess babe Kosteniuk shows her attacking flair with 12 Bh6 in the recent Game 8 from a US Open tournament. What a pity that she cheapens her chess-playing skills with all the other rubbish!

Thanks for viewing- have a great month!


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