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April Update: - What's New

Almost a clean sweep for the White player this month, with the d-specials catching out more than one unsuspecting victim.

Aaron Summerscale




London System

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

You can download the April '03 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]

Stefanova, A - Lamperti, J

This is a typical real game situation. You've done the right thing and developed all your pieces to sensible squares. The question is... how do you proceed? White's answer in the game is spot on.

Miladinovic, I - Pfrommer, C

Mr Miladinovic once again unleashes his favourite h4 Tromp and makes full use of his resources to score the full point. Attention all h4 Tromp fans!! Make sure that you study this man's games. Only Hodgson rivals his understanding of this particular variation.

Stefanova, A - Bibiloni, J

Black tries to set up a Czech Benoni, only to be shortly checkmated by one of chess' top female stars.

Nita, M - Onikul, A

In one of the sharpest lines of the Tromp, Black's creative queen manoeuvre puts the wind up White at an early stage, from which he never really recovers.

Lindberg, B - Winge, S

In textbook fashion White meets an attack on his flanks with the classic uppercut in the centre.



London System

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

Colle-Zukertort [D02 & D04-05]

Vasiljevic, D - Tosic, D

Black has just played ..d6-d5 after capturing twice on e4. The question I have for you is has Black just equalised?

The d-pawn specialist must be on the lookout for tactical opportunities at all times.

Nguyen Duc Hoa-Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy

Black gets far too carried away in the centre before he is fully developed. The results are dramatic.

Sulava, N - Geenen, M

The Colle continues to frustrate would-be Chigorin players. Here a Grandmaster gives his lesser opponent a taste of his own medicine.

London System [D00 & A46]

Rozic, V - Remete, Z

One of the most respectable London system lines is the anti-Chigorin. In this game, both players make no secret of their wish to win. In a slugfest such as this, there will always only be one man left standing.

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit [D00]

Greene, C - Guadalupe, F

This is the type of position that a Blackmar player will reach quite often. All the pieces are developed to nice enough squares, but how to make progress against Black's solid position? White comes up with an interesting plan of sustained pressure.



London System

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit