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d-Pawn Specials

Welcome to the wonderful world of killer d-pawn openings. On this Web Site we shall be examining these diabolically delicious openings, designed specifically to throw Black upon his own resources from an early stage.

Shark infested waters

This is the perfect site for everyone who wants to throw theory hounds well and truly off the scent. Maximum psychological impact is what it's all about, as Black is led up the garden path, time and time again, blissfully unaware of his impending doom.

The systems I will be covering as a complete Black defence are: The Trompowsky, The Torre Attack, The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, The Colle and Colle-Zukertort Systems,The Stonewall, The Veresov and The London System. For good measure, I have also thrown in the legendary Barry Attack, which is ideal for those who crave an unusual method of meeting the Gruenfeld / King's Indian. I have chosen games to amaze, astound and inform. White not only has good chances of an opening advantage, but can also derive extreme pleasure at confidently bashing out violently attacking and interesting moves, whilst leaving his opponent floundering in unfamiliar (and shark infested) territory.

Target practice

In each section I have clearly outlined White's objectives, so in the unlikely event that an objectively equal middlegame position is reached, White always has the distinct edge of knowing his exact target. Black may as well be standing on an artillery range with a bullseye painted on his forehead! These openings are not just for those with attacking and destructive tendencies, as the demise of the Black king is every White player's dream. In these instances, knowing instinctively White's aims is more important than theory, but I have nevertheless given advice on what books and videos are best for each system. To get cracking, try your hand at these What Happened Next puzzles and see if you can guess what opening they are from and what White's best continuation / plan is.

May the force be with you!