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December Update: - What's New

The d-specials end the year on a high note, as they literally sweep the board in this month's update.

Aaron Summerscale



Torre Attack

London System

Barry Attack

You can download the December '02 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]

Miladinovic, I - Georgieva, L

In the h4 Tromp there is one critical attacking idea that all White players must be aware of. The move g6 detonates the kingside, forcing Black to take anti-positionally with the f-pawn.

This game is instructive, as White doesn't rush to exploit his positional plus, but slowly squeezes Black's light squared weaknesses.

Hellborg, T - Kulagin, M

The Bh4 Tromp can lead to some of the most hair-raising variations of the whole opening. Against an unprepared opponent, White can cause mayhem.

Karttunen, M - Winge, S

Once again the pawn on b2 proves too hot to handle for Black. Why do Black players keep subjecting themselves to this onslaught?

Wells, P - Britton, R

Grandmaster Peter Wells gives a nice illustration of how to exploit White's space advantage in the 2...e6 line.

Torre Attack [A46 & D03]

Grivas, E - Karabalis, H

Black has just played the reasonable-looking 7...h6 to challenge White's bishop. How did White now establish a clear advantage?

Dzagnidze, N - Ortiz, N

One of the nice features of the d-pawn specials is that they generally give White a great deal of choice over his pawn formation. If Black seems competent in one structure, White can change to another. c4 is certainly an unusual move in the Torre, but here we see its bite.

Dzagnidze,N-Huang Qian

In the King's Indian lines where Black commits himself to an early ...d6 there is one particular variation that has recently been giving Black headaches.

London System [D00 & A46]

Mastrovasilis, D - Mihailidis, A

It is ambitious moves like Nh4 (seeking to gain the bishop pair) that give me hope for the future of the London system.

Certainly, White's strategy works like a dream in this game.

Bagheri, A - Grecuccio, N

The London system is at its best when Black commits himself to an early combo of e6 and d5. Black's light squared bishop seldom sees the light of day afterwards.

Barry Attack [D00]

Roselli Mailhe, B - Prates, F

Black has played the opening rather passively. How can White take advantage of this in a typical Barry manner?


Torre Attack

London System

Barry Attack