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February Update: - What's New

The London system continues to vie with the Tromp and Torre Attacks as one of the most popular d-pawn specials. If your time is very limited, it makes sense to play a 'one size fits all' approach. Check out Gary Lane's new book Ideas Behind Modern Chess Openings for more original ideas on how the London System can be effective. There is also a good section on the Barry Attack.

Aaron Summerscale




Torre Attack

London System


You can download the February '03 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]

Song, R - Stuart, P

White has played one of the sharp pawn sacrifices in the Tromp. The question is, should Black take a second extra pawn with 13...Qxd5 here?

Vaganian,R-Moreno Carnero,J

Vaganian, a world class GM renowned for his theoretical knowledge shows himself to be adept in the murky lines of the 3.Bh4 Tromp.

Pseudo-Tromp [D00]

Arvind, S - Sasikiran, K

It's no use trying to set up a brick wall against a stronger opponent, especially if he is the rising young star Sasikiran from India, who proves to be very adept at side-stepping the White fortress and getting in around the side.

Torre Attack [A46 & D03]

Bellin, R - Epishin, V

If you are looking for an opening plan against the Torre attack without having to memorise a whole string of moves, then take a look at the following position:

Black has deployed his forces efficiently and is ready to meet any White activity. Now let Grandmaster Epishin conduct class as he shows you exactly what to do next.

Karaulov, D - Mihalichenko, B

Black demonstrates another strong plan for dealing with the dreaded Torre.

Froehlich, P - Stuart, P

Please be careful! We have seen this opening mistake before, but it seems to be a popular one, so let's remind ourselves of it again, however painful the memory is.

London System [D00 & A46]

Werner, D - Valaker, O

White has played the anti-Chigorin to perfection and now is ready to capitalise. The question is how?

Gros, P - Mazats, D

A simple demonstration on the dangers of planless play. Black soon comes a cropper.

Lucena, S - Rego, A

In a normal position Black makes one slip and that's it! His position falls apart. Constant vigilance is needed by the second player if he is to take on the d-pawn specials.

Colle-Zukertort [D02 & D04-05]

Aleksieva,S-Le Roch,D

This type of position can be quite frustrating for the Colle specialist (I speak from experience!) Black has just tried to block the kingside and was probably thinking of an early draw. However, with clever play, White is able to seize the advantage. Watch and learn.



Torre Attack

London System