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July Update: - What's New

Both colours seem to be out for blood in this month's update. There must be something about the d-pawn specials that brings out the beast in people, or else there's something in the water!

Aaron Summerscale



Torre Attack


London System

Barry Attack

Other d-pawn specials

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, but you can also download the July '02 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]

Mamedyarov, S - Anastasian, A

We start with a heavyweight clash, in which Black pays the price for some over-cautious opening play.

Trent, L - Skjoldborg, J

For once, White fails to capitalise on the thematic sacrificed b-pawn, but if you look closer you will see that he certainly had his chances.

Llobel Cortell, E - Zapata, A

White is completely crushed after Black successfully complicates in the opening.

Torre Attack [A46 & D03]

Ipek, A - Duman, A

White successfully tries a new idea against the King's Indian: 10 0-0-0!?.

This is well worth a look.

Argiroudis, S - Tsekouras, T

Move order is sometimes very important in the d-pawn specials and White pays a heavy price for getting his wrong.

Karadeniz, E - Izoria, Z

Plans with an early g5 against the Torre continues to be the the choice of many strong players.

Colle-Zukertort [D02 & D04-05]

Jussupow, A - Burnett, R

Jussupow (or Yusupov) is probably the strongest exponent of the Colle today. He prefers non-theoretical openings where he can exploit his great understanding, so the d-pawn specials are an ideal choice for him. Closely studying his games will certainly improve your own play.

London System [D00 & A46]

Parant, F - Hulin, J

When White plays the London system with creativity, it can pay dividends as shown here.

Barry Attack [D00]

Dudas, J - Predojevic, B

White dusts off an old line in the Barry and Black gets caught napping.

Other d-pawn specials

Feibert, F - Philippe, C [A46]

An early c5 is one of the most irritating ways for Black to meet the d-pawn specials. Here, we see that White fails to get to grips with the demands of his position.


Torre Attack


London System

Barry Attack

Other d-pawn specials