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July Update: - What's New

Welcome to my second d-Pawn Specials update.

GM Eric Prié,


You can download the July '03 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Here I will continue the examination of 1 d4 e6 2 Nf3 c5 that I started last month.

As you remember, in the June update we looked at 3 e3 and 3 c3 (which may be best).

Next there is 3.g3:

with the idea of playing a sort of a Grünfeld with reversed colours or a Catalan. There is a plethora of alternatives to deal with it, see Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4.

Finally, 3.dxc5:

played with the intention of reaching a Queen's Gambit Accepted with colours reversed or an English where the c5-bishop will most probably have to move again.

We look at this line in Game 5, Game 6, and Game 7.

Till next time! Eric Prié.