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March Update: - What's New

Black hits back this month and gets his fair share of the spoils. Keep your eyes peeled for the usual blood and guts slugfests.

Aaron Summerscale



Torre Attack


London System


Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

You can download the March '03 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]

Buckley, S - Rayner, F

White shows the right way to get to grips with this increasingly popular offbeat try for Black. The thrust of the e-pawn leaves Black's structure in tatters:

Povah, N - Cherniaev, A

Here we see why this idea has been catching on for Black. White must know his stuff or else he'll get clobbered!

Miladinovic,I-Van der Hallen,N

Black avoids simplification at too great a cost and is given a lesson in the power of the h4 tromp.

Torre Attack [A46 & D03]

Murshed, N - Ahmed, S

Some players take the idea of bagging the bishop pair too far. This game is a case in point. Black never recovers from the gross weakening of his kingside after 10...g5:

Stonewall [D00]

Sazanova, J - Khusnutdinova, L

This game is an excellent example of White's attacking potential, even after the exchange of his "good" light-squared bishop.

London System [D00 & A46]

Hokkanen, P - Koskinen, H

Castling queenside is seldom recommended in the London system. For the curious, this game will help to explain why.

Veresov Attack [D01]

Trent, L - Turner, M

This position is indicative of the problems that White can face when he castles queenside in the Veresov against an astute opponent. One of Britain's newest grandmasters is quick to display his tactical prowess.

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit [D00]

Runarsson, G - Saemundsson, B

White's play is not particularly impressive in this game, but this is an interesting sideline and so I have covered it. Watch for my suggested improvement on move 6.

Runarsson, G - Sigfusson, S

White goes his own way from an early stage and thereafter is always struggling to prove compensation.

Fontaine,P-De Waal,M

White makes the unbelievable mistake of pawn hunting, when he is the one supposed to be gambiting! Needless to say, he is justly and swiftly punished.


Torre Attack


London System


Blackmar-Diemer Gambit