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May Update: - What's New

In this World Cup month, we bring you another very exciting crop of d-pawn specials.

Aaron Summerscale


Torre Attack






Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, whilst the eBooks can be found at the eBooks Download Page.

You can also download the May '02 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Torre Attack [A46 & D03]

Collier, D - Coates, K

Black makes a well-known mistake and is duly punished, albeit in an unorthodox way.

Kagan, N - Jones, L

One of the most annoying retorts to the Torre/Colle systems is when the Black knight sinks his teeth into e4. Here we see White get around this problem.

Trompowsky [A45]

Drazic, S - Krejic, I

Some King's Indian players will go to any lengths to achieve their favourite fianchetto. However, the resulting positions resemble the Pirc more than anything, and the well prepared Tromp specialist can feel right at home.

Pseudo-Tromp [D00]

Torre, E - Roca, P

The Pseudo Tromp with 3...c5 has long been on the casualty list and another strong player bites the dust in the following encounter.

Coleman,J - El Haj,N

White plays in true gambit style and is rewarded with a rather tasty finish.

Colle-Zukertort [D02 & D04-05]

Roselli,J - Sosa Macho,J

White adopts the famous "Irish Pawn centre" in this interesting game.

Benderac, A - Mladenovic, J

The anti Colle with an early Bg4 remains a solid choice for Black, but not the way he plays it here!

Stonewall [D00]

Tiberio, J - Gokhale, C

White comes a cropper after an inaccurate move order. You have been warned!

Veresov Attack [D01]

Maryasin, B - Manor, I

Even the best players can crumble under the strain when faced with the dreaded d-pawn specials.

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit [D00]

Abbasifar, H - Taleb, M

A solid IM takes the bite out of the Blackmar, but you can't keep a good opening down.

Torre Attack






Blackmar-Diemer Gambit