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September Update: - What's New

The d-pawn specials strike back this month, with a clean sweep against Black's various defences. If you're squeamish, it's probably best to look away now.

Aaron Summerscale





London System


Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

You can download the September '02 d-pawn specials games directly in PGN form here: Download Games

Trompowsky [A45]


In the Sicilian-Tromp, Black finds a way to mix things up from the very begining, see the position after 5...e5!?:

However, Tromp specialists are not normally ones to shy away from complications.


In the e6 Tromp, Black can bag the bishop pair and then retreat into his shell, forcing White to do all the aggressive running, although such thinking can lead to trouble.

Schulz, M - Moritz, H

Far too passive play by Black brings it's just rewards.

Wilhelm, S - Todoran, I

The ...c5 Tromp is a rare guest in tournaments these days. It often leads to great complications in positions where White's structural superiority is compensated for by Black's bishops and early activity. In the Tromp though, you have to believe in the power of knights and if you don't believe, then this game should help convince you.

Pseudo-Tromp [D00]

Mujkic, N - Patrucic, M

This months' game shows White building a small advantage, typical of the pseudo when Black doesn't play accurately. Then White turns his attention to the king!

Colle-Zukertort [D02 & D04-05]

Foudzi, J - Lee, M

A treat for all those fans of the old-fashioned, but deadly and effective Greek-gift sacrifice.

London System [D00 & A46]

Salgado Gonzalez,J-Ferrol Muras,R

Black makes a bizarre opening choice, 3...Nc6?! from which his position never really recovers:

He remains solid enough, but positionally you should stay away from Black's third move unless you're masochistic enough to love having no counterplay!

Papenbrock, V - Schroeder, C

Black must try to keep some central tension in the London system. White has a good grip on the centre, so queenside counterplay is essential. This game is a good example of what can happen if Black is foolish enough to ignore this advice.

Veresov Attack [D01]

Brandner, S - Miniboeck, G

If you're looking for new attacking ideas for White in the Veresov, this game may just whet your appetite.

Blackmar-Diemer Gambit [D00]

Sorbun, C - Stuermer, M

As you know, I cannot vouch for exactly how much compensation White gets for his pawn in the gambit, but it certainly makes for some very entertaining games!




London System


Blackmar-Diemer Gambit