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About the Authors:

GM Mikhail Golubev

Mikhail Golubev I will try to follow the main King's Indian news here, and listen to suggestions. Some of my respected subscribers may know that I authored the book Understanding the King's Indian in 2006. My other, lesser chess achievements are presented at

GM Victor Mikhalevski

Victor in deep concentration! I was born in Gomel, in former Belorussia, USSR, which is now the Republic of Belarus, in 1972. I started to play chess at the age of 6.

My coach for the next 12-13 years was my brother, IM Alexander Mikhalevski. During these years I won not less than five Belarus championships for my age category and thus participated in five Junior USSR Championships.

In 1991 I moved with my family to Israel. Two months later I shared 2-3rd place in the Israeli Open Championship. Later the same year and also in 1992 I won two Junior Israeli Championships. In the summer of 1991 participated in the Junior World Championship. IM from 1993, GM from 1996.

Here are some of my best results since 1991 until today:

  • 1992 - 1st place in Tel Aviv Open 4.5 out of 5
  • 1993 - 1st place in the "First Saturday" Budapest, Hungary (10 out of 13 and first GM-norm)
  • 1994 - 1st place in the Week-end tournament in Kfar-Saba, Israel 5 out of 5
  • 1994 - 1st place in the International Festival in Tel-Aviv, Israel 7.5 out of 9
  • 1994 - Shared first in the Berlinner summer 7.5 out of 9
  • 1995 - 1st place in an open tournament in Paris, France 7.5 out of 9
  • 1995 - 1st place in Tel-Aviv Open 5 out of 5
  • 1995 - Bronze medal winner in The European Club Cup in the team of Beer-Sheva
  • 1996 - Co-winner of Israel Championship with GMs Psakhis and Yudasin
  • 1997 - Shared first in the Open Dutch Championship
  • 1997 - 1st place in the International Festival in Rishon-Lezion, Israel (ahead of GMs Smirin, Psakhis, Goldin and many others)
  • 1997 - 1st place in the Rapid Israel Championship
  • 1997 - Shared first in the Martigny Open, Switzerland 6 out of 7
  • 1997 - Beer-Sheva- Olympic team match I won 2-0 against GM Smirin
  • 1998 - 1st place in the 14th International Festival in Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • 1998 - Shared 1st place in Vlissingen, Nederlands 6 out of 7
  • 1998 - 1st place in Hoogeveen, Netherlands
  • 1998 - Vice-Champion of Israel ( I have lost in the Finals on third(!) tie-break to GM Liss winning on the way against GMs Avrukh, Psakhis and Gruenfeld )
  • 1999 - Shared first in Mind Sports Olympiad in London, England (rapid) 10.5 out of 15
  • 1999 - Shared first in Lost Boys Antwerpen, Belgium
  • 2000 - 1st place in Open Championship of Rishon-Lezion, Israel
  • 2000 - 2nd place in Carlos Torre Memorial in Merida, Mexico
  • 2001 - Shared first in Andorra 7 out of 9
  • 2001 - 2nd place in Gent ( Belgium)
  • 2002 - 1st place in the International Festival in Biel, Switzerland (rapid) 9,5 out of 11
  • 2002 - Qualified for the last 16 in 6th Corsica Masters in Bastia, France (rapid) making a draw with Anand
  • 2002 - 1st place in the 6th Itau Cup in Sao Paulo, Brazil 7.5 out of 9 (category 8)
  • 2002 - 1st place in the First International tournament in San Salvador, El Salvador 7.5 out of 9
  • 2003- 1st place in the Quebec Open
  • 2003- 1st place in the Second International tournament in San Salvador, El Salvador 7.5 out of 9
  • 2004- 1st place in the Week-end tournament in Beer-Sheva
  • 1991-2002 many times Israel Team Champion and Israel Cup Champion in the team of Beer-Sheva Chess Club

I have played the King's Indian as White since my childhood and I can remember just two games as Black. In one of them I've mistakenly played 3...Bg7 instead of my usual 3...d5 (the game was played in the morning!) against GM Huzman and obtained a good position. My most recent win in the King's Indian, against the top 30 player Smirin, will be analysed in the March Update.

GM Joe Gallagher

Anglo-Swiss GM Smokin' Joe is arguably the World's most popular openings' writer - every book of his immediately jumps to the top of the chess best-sellers' list.

His easy-going writing style combines deep analysis, born of his profound openings knowledge, with his sense of humour.

Joe spent most of his early years in Wimbledon, home of British tennis, but preferred the more sedentary sport of chess.

He moved to Switzerland when he married his Swiss wife, Corinne, and currently enjoys double nationality and plays for the Swiss national team.

Joe is one of the most successful GMs on the European open circuit, with a sharp tactical style, and openings that allow him to play for a win with the white or black pieces.

His knowledge of the King's Indian Defence is second-to-none (well, maybe second only to Gary!), and he is the obvious choice to lead subscribers through the theoretical ins-and-outs of this super popular opening.

Here is a list of his books:

Winning with the King's Gambit - Batsford 1992
Beating the Anti-Sicilians - Batsford 1994
The Saemisch King's Indian - Batsford 1995
Beating the Sicilian 3 (with Nunn) - Batsford 1996
Beating the Anti King's Indians - Batsford 1996
The Complete Najdorf Modern Lines (with Nunn) - Batsford 1998
The Trompovsky - Everyman 1998
The c3 Sicilian - Everyman 1999
Nunn's Chess Openings (NCO, with Nunn, Emms and Burgess) - Gambit/Everyman 1999
101 Attacking Ideas - Gambit 2000
The Magic of Mikhail Tal - Everyman 2001
Starting Out: the King's Indian - Everyman 2002
Starting Out: the Caro-Kann - Everyman 2002

About Andrew Martin

Playing Titles:
International Master
FIDE Master
British Master
Current ELO 2446

Author of numerous books, articles and videos on the game including Winning with the King's Indian, Secret Weapons and the Contemporary Anti-Dutch. Currently Regular Columnist to CHESS Magazine.

Professional Chess Coach-currently Chief Coach to the English Junior Squad. Trainer of 4 previous and current Junior World Champions as well as a battery of National Junior Champions. Teaches Chess in seven separate Schools-very interested in developing this side of the game.

Commentator at several World Championship matches and the British Championship.

Winner of numerous International and National Open Tournaments. 1st GM Norm at the British Championship, Brighton 1997.

Favours original and creative play thus the King's Indian is a natural area of research.

42 years old-Married with 4 young children. Life is hectic!