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June 2003

Welcome to the June Update!

Hi everyone,

Not all the top players know their openings inside out!


To download the June '03 KI games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

This last statement can be verified in the game Ehlvest - Smirin where Black played in an exciting but probably inferior manner and got away with it when White failed to find the wonderful refutation that is already known to chess theory!

Sasikiran - Thipsay was another interesting Saemisch where White fell off the edge of the precipice but still managed to clamber up again and win the game.

We have three Fianchetto variations this month:

In Renet - Gallagher my unintentional 'rope-a-dope' strategy proved successful while Vaganian - Volokitin features an interesting and relatively unusual way for Black to meet 8 h3.

I liked Black's play in Avruhk - Bologan but it had all been seen before back in the 1950's.

And finally no issue would be complete without an Ivan Sokolov game. Again he plays 5 Bd3

and again he fails to gain any advantage, see Game 6.

See you next month...

Joe Gallagher

Any queries or comments to the KID Forum, or to me directly at would be most welcome.