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Hello everyone. In this update I've mostly concentrated on the Classical System, but there are also two rarer guests, the Averbach System and the Smyslov System, not to mention our old friend the Saemisch. You'll see a lot of strong players both as white and black.

Enjoy! Victor

Download PGN of June '05 KID games

The Bayonet attack

Our first game in this popular system is the game Van Wely, L - Stellwagen, D, Complete Chess Match 2005.

This, the key-position arose after White's 15 Rb1 in the popular system with 12 f3. Daniel had prepared the new and interesting idea 15...dxc5 in an attempt to improve on Radjabov's play in Linares 2004. However, it doesn't seem to fully equalize. However, after a few strong moves Van Wely blunders and soon finds himself in a hopeless position. Despite the result Black still has to look for improvements.

Our next game, Gymesi, Z - Baklan, V, TCh-ROM, Tusnad 2005, is additional proof that if you play the line with 12.Bf3 you have to proceed with 19.Bc2 here:

The endgame after 19.Bc5 looks rather toothless. As usually Black equalized without any problems.

And the last game in the Bayonet attack was played by yours truly. See the game Mikhalevski, V - Chow, A, Chicago Open 2005.

In the diagram position I came with a new and interesting idea, which I found over the board - 12.b5!? After improving the position I succeeded in opening the position and exploiting the superiority of my pieces. At the end Black was completely paralyzed. Nevertheless, I believe that 10...Nf4 is a playable line instead of 10...f5. Black's play in the game can certainly be improved.

The Orthodox with 7...Nbd7

The game Onischuk, A - Brooks, M, 24th ACF NthAmOp 2005 transposes from the Gligoric system to the Orthodox with 7...Nbd7.

In the diagram position, instead of the normal 12.dxe5, White played a very surprising novelty: 12.d5!?. Who can believe that this obvious move has never been tested before? The game is a theatre with one actor - Alexander entirely outplayed his opponent. His plans were clear and simple and thus even more impressive. A clear victory for the first board of the US team.

The Orthodox with 6.h3

The game Kacheishvili, G - Smirin, I, HB Global Challenge, Minneapolis 2005, was a decisive game played in the last round of the world's biggest open tournament yet.

After some tough play the diagram position occurred. In this key position White declined Black's temporary piece sacrifice but then found himself in a difficult position. One more mistake and the game was over. Smirin showed a very good feel for the initiative. Below is the final position from the game:

A must see game!

The Smyslov system

The game Sargissian, G - Petrosian, TL, ch-ARM, Erevan 2005 was a very interesting positional fight.

In this position White comes with an interesting and not very common idea 12.Bxf6!? Then he started to outplay his opponent step by step and ended up with a "good" knight vs a "bad" bishop. The game doesn't contain any special effects, but it's a high class performance. It proves once again that the Smyslov system, despite looking rather toothless, is in fact a very poisonous weapon.

The Averbach system

Our only game in this system is Korchnoi, V - Acs, P, II Marx Gyorgy 2005.

Here White introduced a novelty 13 Qd2, which I believe can't change the evaluation of the 8. Be3 line as one which doesn't promise much. However, in the game Black missed a number of chances to obtain counterplay and finally found himself a pawn down. Then he committed an awful mistake, lost another pawn and resigned. As usual, good technique from Korchnoi, but nothing to be afraid of from the theoretical point of view.


The game Muhammad, S - Smirin, I, HB Global Challenge, Minneapolis 2005 saw another brilliant perfomance from Smirin. This time it was easier than the game against Kacheishvili which you can find above.

In the line with 6...e5 Black tried a rare continuation, 12...a6. See the diagram position. On the 15th move Black sacrificed a pawn, which White wrongly declined only to suddenly realize that his task was tough. Another mistake and Black's initiative was very dangerous and eventually led to a complete crush of White's position.

Nevertheless, White shouldn't be worried about the 12...a6 line. There is a place for improvement, which I have indicated in my annotations.

Enjoy the issue and see you in July.


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