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March Update 2002

Welcome to the new-look King's Indian site. I hope you like the changes. They haven't all been easy to get used to so if I make any errors in the new format I would be very grateful if you could point them out.

IM Andrew Martin

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, open ChessPub.exe, put the date on, say, 5th April 2002, and then click on 'King's Indian', over on the right. All these games should appear (and the new ChessPub Guides, too)!

You can also enter the specific ECO code if you are only interested in a particular opening. The updated eBooks can be found at the eBooks Download Page.

To download the March '02 KI games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games


Interesting games abound this month.

In the Old Indian Black scratches home against the methodical Nick Pert whose position after 14 Ng5!

is very strong.

White novelties come from Korchnoi: 9 Rd1

against Bologan.

Garcia Palermo: 11 Nh4

against Flores (that one not rewarded).

Rustemov 7 d5!?

(perhaps it's the overall conception that is new) and Gelfand 16 a4

in his squeeze against Nataf. Not a bad cast at all.

Black novelties are on display from Schmaltz: 7...c6 against Azmaiparashvili where Black goes on to win with a crushing attack and Langheinrich's very unsuccessful 13...h5

which proves useless in the ensuing play.

Thanks for tuning in!

IM Andrew Martin