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Hello everyone. First of all I want to apologize for the delay with this update. During May I played three big tournaments in the US and was unable to find the time to prepare it.

As usual the update contains eight games, most of them with detailed comments. Enjoy! Victor

Download PGN of May '05 KID games

The Exchange Variation

I would like to start with the game Kraai, J - Matikozian, A, Spring Chicago Invitational 2005.

The key-position of the game arose after 13.Rd1, here. Black committed a mistake and lost a pawn, then sacrificed an exchange and obtained some compensation. However Jessi exchanged the most important pieces and, showing good technique, won the game. Despite White's win the game cannot change the drawish evaluation of the Exchange Variation - Black just has to be careful.

The Orthodox with 7...c6

A game between two friends, and yet at the same time two top players, Grischuk, A - Svidler, P, TCh-RUS,Sochi 2005 featured an Averbach system and then transposed into the Classical.

In an old-fashioned line White played a novelty on the 15th move and won a pawn, which however he soon had to return. Despite the bishop pair advantage Black didn't have problems equalizing and a draw was soon agreed.

The Cuban championship provided us with a few interesting games in the King's Indian. Here is one of them: Arencibia,W-De la Paz, ch-CUB, Santa Clara 2005.

Black has chosen an uncommon idea of J. Polgar. Soon White made a serious positional mistake, but Black returned the favour. Nevertheless the latter obtains a good position after sacrificing a pawn, but some inaccuracies meant that he was unable to win the game. An interesting fighting draw.

The Gligoric system

Our next game was played between two Chinese players-Zhao Xue-Xiu Deshun, Torch Real Estate Cup 2005.

12...g4- an idea of the current FIDE World Champion, has just been played. White succeeded in putting pressure on Black, who soon committed a serious positional mistake and the young Chinese talent had no problems in finishing the game in his favour.

The Smyslov system

Our first game in this system is the game Akobian, V - Burnett, R Spring Chicago Invitational 2005

Black played a rare line with ...a6 and ...c6 and soon the diagram position arose. Here Varuzhan came up with a strong novelty and obtained a clear positional advantage, which he converted into a full point elegantly. Probably Black has to choose a different opening plan. For example an interesting idea was demonstrated in the game Bruzon, L - Arencibia, W, ch-CUB, Santa Clara 2005.

In this position Black offered an interesting temporary piece sacrifice and soon took the initiative and won a pawn. However, then he first allowed counterplay along the e-file and later committed a serious mistake and his position collapsed.

The game shows that White has to prefer 9.Bd3 or 9.Bd2 over 9.Nd2.

Another game between the same players Bruzon, L - Arencibia, W, ch-CUB, Santa Clara 2005 features the main line of the Smyslov system. White tried the rare continuation 10.Qc2 and step by step outplayed his opponent. Arencibia later tried a piece sacrifice to complicate the position, but Lazaro was precise to the end.

Fianchetto variation

Our last game in this update is the tough fight Baburin, A - Kotronias, V, Cork 2005.

In the diagram position it seems that White has a clear edge, but Black came along with the surprising 15...Nf4 and, not without help, developed an unpleasant initiative. Alex showed good defensive skills and Black went wrong, allowing White to keep an extra pawn. However then White underestimated the threats and allowed Kotronias to develop an unstoppable attack, which seemed to come from nowhere. Don't miss this fascinating game!

Enjoy the issue and see you soon.


Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with me. Any queries or comments to the KID Forum, or to me directly at (subscribers only) would be most welcome.