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Hello everyone,
The extremely strong Russian Team Championship was rich in opening novelties, as most of the games in this update confirm - an interesting point being the 'comeback' of the Bayonet attack, as this time there are no less than four games in this interesting system. Victor

Download PGN of May '08 KID games

Classical: The Bayonet attack

The game Ikonnikov, V - Kotronias, V, Gausdal Classics 2008, featured the popular 12.f3 system.

Here, in the diagram position, White played the novelty, 19.Bb5 (instead of 19.Rec1, which I like more), and this led to an interesting and balanced game. Probably 19.Bb5 promises no real advantage, so White has to come back to 19.Rec1.

The main alternative to 13.Be3 is 13.Kh1, which occurred in our next game L'Ami, E - Nijboer, F, ch-NED Hilversum 2008.

This same position (above) already occurred in the earlier game Van Wely, L - Nijboer, F, Hilversum 2006. That game featured the dubious 20.c6?!, but here L'Ami improved upon Van Wely's play with my recommendation 20.cxb6. However, Black defended well and soon equalized, so White has to find something better.

The next two games saw rare but interesting lines. Let's start with Bareev, E - Amonatov, F, TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008.

In the diagram position White has just played 10.a4, ignoring the exchange of his light-squared bishop, instead of the much more popular 10.Re1, and somewhat surprisingly he obtained a clear advantage after only 15 moves... Despite White's eventual loss the opening idea deserves further tests, while Black has to try the improvement 11...Nxe2.

The game Van Wely, L - Dyachkov, S, TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008, saw a completely different approach, 10.g3, which completely prevents 10...Nf4, instead of Bareev's 10.a4.

In the diagram position Van Wely came up with the strong novelty 15.Kf2!, instead of the 15.Kg2 which was played in the classic game Taimanov, M - Gufeld, E/Moscow 1961/URS-ch. Dyachkov tried to imitate Gufeld's play, but this time the piece sacrifice didn't work and White won easily. An important novelty from the Dutch GM which may revive interest in this long-forgotten line.

The Orthodox system with 7...exd4

Karjakin, S - Radjabov, T TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008, saw some great play from the young Ukrainian, who almost completely refuted Radjabov's opening.

Here he applied the setup I recommended with 13.Qc2 and 14. Rad1, after 12...Nc5. Eventually he reached a winning position with an extra pawn, but erred with 36.Qf4? instead of 36.Qe3! and threw away his advantage. Moreover, then he even had to be careful not to get into trouble.

Karjakin managed to set Black serious problems in the opening, and so the ball is now back in Black's court.

The Orthodox system with 7...Na6

The game Evdokimov, A - Areshchenko, A, TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008, reached the diagram position, and here Black played the line with 13...c6, instead of 13...Nxc5, which is better in my opinion.

The game proved that Black faces serious problems in this line and so 13...Nxc5 should definitely be preferred.

Samisch Variation

An interesting tactical battle took place in the game Bu Xiangzhi-Zvjaginsev,V, TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008. Black played a rare line with 8...Bd7, instead of 8...Rb8, and soon a very tense position arose:

Bu struck here with 13.g4 and crushed his opponent with a series of heavy blows. However, it turns out that Black could improve his play significantly with 16...Ng4!, instead of 16...Nxd4?, and actually obtain an advantage. So, in fact, it's White who has to look for an improvement.


The game Eljanov, P - Volokitin, A, TCh-RUS Dogomys 2008, saw the dubious, provocative line 4...Bf5:

White reacted well with 5.Qb3 and obtained an advantage, but then erred with 15.Ne4?, instead of 15.0-0, which would have retained a clear advantage. Fortunately for White Black returned the favour a few moves later by missing 22...Nxg4!, which would have allowed him to get some counterplay. After missing this chance Black was never able to recover. Although Black gained some counterchances in this game the entire line with 4...Bf5 is dubious and can't be recommended.

Enjoy the issue and see you in June. Victor

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