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October 2003

As promised, here is the October update.


To download the October '03 KI games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games

We start this month with a couple of games in the slightly unusual 9 Bg5 variation of the Mar del Plata:

In Pelletier - Fedorov Black's new plan (...g5, ...Ng6-f4) appears to give him a very comfortable game whilst in Lukacs - Rajlich we examine the latest, or at least sharpest, theoretical developments in this line.

Vladimir Epishin has his own special way of playing the white side of the Bayonet Attack starting with the enigmatic 10 Qc2.

However, in Epishin - Hebden he got completely crushed so it will be interesting to see what he does in the future.

Bauer - McShane features an offbeat line of the 7...Na6 Classical, in Gligoric's System, which quite quickly turned in Black's favour.

In Krasenkov - Maiwald White remedied a below par performance in the opening with some excellent middlegame and endgame play.

Kasimdzhanov - Volokitn was an interesting Saemisch which came to a rather abrupt halt after a horrible blunder from White.

In Illescas - Moreno we take another look at a line in the Fianchetto that we examined recently and despite Black's reversal in this game his opening set-up still looks viable.

Finally, in Illushin - Jenni I take a look at Kasparov's famous Rxe3 exchange sacrifice:

It seems to still be alive and kicking.

Enjoy the issue,

Joe Gallagher

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