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Hello everyone,

October was a busy month for me. I played two tournaments at the beginning of the month, then had to write commentaries for different magazines and finally I managed to find some time to prepare this update. As usual it contains eight games played by very strong players, but in not less than five different systems of the King's Indian, including one game from San Luis.

Enjoy, Victor

Download PGN of October '05 KID games

Classical main line

Our first game this time is Sakaev, K - Erdogdu, M 21th ECC Saint Vincent 2005.

In the diagram position Black tried to improve upon Fedorov's play in Sakaev, K - Fedorov, A, 6th EICC Warsaw 2005 with 15...a5, covering the a5-square, but with a series of strong manoeuvres White took the initiative and led the game to a win.

A clean positional win from Sakaev and Black still has to look for improvements in the opening.

The Orthodox with 7...Na6

A relatively rare line with 8...h6 featured in Yevseev, D - Loginov, V, RUS-ch semi-final 58th 2005:

Here White came up with a new idea, 9. Ne1, which somehow doesn't look like a serious attempt to fight for an opening advantage. Nevertheless, Black didn't find the correct way to meet it and soon found himself in an unpleasant position which White skilfully converted into a full point. So 9.Ne1 shouldn't be too dangerous for Black, but one has to know how to react.

Our next game in this system is Beliavsky, A - McShane, L, It Igualada 2005.

Here Beliavsky found the strong novelty 19 Bc4! His play during the next 12 moves deserves the highest praise, but then he suddenly committed a mistake on move 31 and a few moves later had to agree to a draw. In order to revive the 13...Qe7 line Black will have to find a strong idea.

The Gligoric System

This position occurred after the 16th move of Roiz, M - Radjabov, T, 21th ECC Saint Vincent 2005:

Now Roiz attempted to improve upon Huzman's 17.Qd2 with the new idea 17.Rc1!?. Radjabov's reply was wrong and White succeeded in obtaining a slight, but stable advantage, which he retained throughout the entire game and finally converted it into a win in the bishop endgame. A very strong performance from Michael Roiz, but Black seems to be able to equalize - see my recommendation for Black's 17th move.

Avrukh, B - Vandevoort, P, 21th ECC Saint Vincent 2005 featured an unfortunate novelty.

In the diagram position Black played 13...Ng4? and soon his knight was trapped there. White obtained a decisive advantage, but then committed a mistake, which could have cost him the advantage, but only one move later Black suddenly resigned! It's possible that I don't have the full text of the game. I believe that Black should have played ...Nf7 on moves 12 or 13.

The Smyslov System

After Black's unfortunate play in the opening of Pedersen, N - McShane, L, 21th ECC Saint Vincent 2005, particularly with 12...b6?!, we reach the following position:

White has obtained a comfortable position and now broke through with 15.Bxf6! and 16.e5! Black had to give up a piece for three pawns and gained some play, but a further mistake, the move 33...bxc4?, lessened his chances for an escape and eventually White won the game...

I wouldn't recommend that anyone repeat 12...b6.

Saemisch Variation

This time we have a rare chance to witness a game Morozevich, A - Svidler, P, WCh FIDE, San Luis 2005 in the KID. If Svidler sometimes deviates from his favourite Grünfeld with the King's Indian, Morozevich very rarely plays 1.d4.

With the last move, 9.h4, Morozevich chose a very rare side line. Soon he succeeded in stabilizing the position in the centre and on the queenside and could look forward to an attack on the opposite flank. Svidler decided to give up a pawn in order to get some counterplay, but then committed a mistake, 29...Nf4?, which could have been very costly for him:

Here instead of playing 30.h5! with a very unpleasant direct attack, White returned the favour with 30.Rhc2. After Moro's pawn sacrifice Black succeeded in protecting his king and equalized the position. However, after some further unfortunate play Black even succeeded in winning this fascinating game. Don't miss it!

Morozevich's 9.h4 is interesting and hopefully will be explored in the near future.

Fianchetto variation

Our final game in this update is Grigoriants, S - Lahno, K, It B Stepanakert 2005.

In this very well-known diagram position White deviated from the main line with 9.b3. It seems that the surprise effect was strong and Katerina's reaction was not the best. After a series of exchanges the game reached a difficult endgame for Black a pawn down and eventually her king found himself in a net. Faced with big material losses Lahno resigned...

The line with b3 is interesting and deserves further tests. Black probably has to react as in the 9.Nd2 main line by means of 9...c5.

Enjoy the issue and see you in November.


Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with me. Any queries or comments to the KID Forum, or to me directly at (subscribers only) would be most welcome.