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Welcome to the latest update - as usual the King's Indian Defence never fails to provide excellent entertainment. It really is remarkable that the flood of interesting games shows no sign of diminishing.

All this month's new games are easily downloaded in PGN format using ChessPub.exe, but to download the September '02 KI games directly in PGN form, click here: Download Games


High jinks feature in a game from a recent open tournament where Nisipeanu manages to win with Black in 15 moves! Of course it was the suicidal 11 Nxe5??

which lead to White's downfall. Would you have played that move?

The Benoni move-order allows Black options that he doesn't have in a normal King's Indian and we see one of these in Ghane-Iuldachev. Take a look at the position after 9...Na6.

Black delays a capture on d5 - interesting!

The Pseudo-London System with 5 Bf4

is more dangerous than it looks but I show an effective counter.

Two masterpieces from Loginov and Summerscale elevate the quality of this update. The Kavalek system with 7...Qa5

deserves a better fate, and in the highly theoretical Mar Del Plata variation White unleashes a crucial improvement leading to the superb 21 Nxc8!! (spurning the Rook)

when Black's attack was refuted.

Rowson and Gallagher slug it out in a Samisch variation in a tight game from this year's British Championship. It looks as though White is getting on top but 16...Nd3+

takes the sting out of the initiative.

Finally, in Ehlvest-Spasov the Bulgarian Grandmaster advances on the Kingside too early before White has even castled! The position after 17 Qh3

shows the consequences - Black is about to be caught on the rebound!

And there's more too!

Have a great month

IM Andrew Martin

As usual, any queries or comments to would be most welcome.