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Hello everyone

This time I have to apologize for a late and slightly smaller update. During September and the beginning of October I played in a number of tournaments in Israel and had absolutely no time to prepare it. I promise to finish my next update on time!

In this update I decided to concentrate on the games played in The Israeli Championship 2004. I believe they are quite interesting. Note that if you can't use ChessPub.exe you can now download the archives here in zipped PGN form.

Download PGN of September '04 KID games

Classical: The Bayonet attack

Most games in this update were played in the Classical system and three of these in the Bayonet attack.

Let me start with the game Bykhovsky,An - Avrukh,B, Israel Championship 2004.

After 17...Ra6 the position of the diagram arose and White deviated from the game Mikhalevski,V-Smirin ISR-Tch 2004 with 18.g3?!. Black played 18...Nh3, obtained the advantage of the bishop pair and then completely outplayed his less-experienced opponent. White's play on moves 17-18 can be improved.

As a proof comes the game Golod, V - Avrukh, B played just few days later in the same tournament. Golod played the more critical 17.Nf3. Up to 23.Nec3 the players followed the game Eljanov, P - Fedorov, A/Dubai 2004 and then Avrukh tried his own suggestion 23...Be5. During the game it seemed that White obtained an advantage, but Black defended precisely and eventually the game came to its logical outcome: a good fighting draw. White has to look for improvements.

Our next game is Kantsler, B - Zaltz, D, Israel Championship 2004.

The opening saw a rare line with 12...Ne8 and a critical position arose after 16.f4 (see diagram). Black reacted badly and came under a very strong attack which was conducted by Kanstler in good style. I believe 12...Nd7 and 12...Nh5 has to be preferred.

Classical: The Orthodox Variation with 7...Na6

The game Gershon, A - Kantsler, B, Israel Championship 2004 saw the very popular line with 13.c5:

The critical position in this game arose after the exchange of both white bishops for black knights on a6 and h6 which was followed by 16.Qa4. Black repeated a known positional mistake (16...Rf7?) and obtained a difficult position, White going on to win the game in classical style.

Classical: The Gligoric-Taimanov system

The interesting Game 2 was played between Gelfand's trainer Huzman,A and a young and talented player Sidorenko,I.

During 15 moves the players followed an earlier game of Huzman who was then the first to deviate from his game against Avrukh with 16.0-0 and later obtained an extra pawn. However the active defense of the 16-year-old player forced White to offer a draw in a position with bishops of opposite colours. White could try to improve his play on move 25. A good game which shouldn't be missed.

Fianchetto variation

Last, but not least in this update, is the game Zoler, R - Bykhovsky, An, Israel Championship 2004.

The board position arose after the advance of the h-pawn from h7 to h4 after which Bykhovsky continued in aggressive style with 15...f5?! which is probably too much. It's interesting that after 16.gxf5 he came up with another non-standard idea 16...Bxd4!? It seems that Zoler couldn't quite believe his eyes and reacted badly. Black continued to play in a belligerent manner and outplayed his experienced opponent in fine style. A good game from another promising youngster. Nevertheless 15...Qe7 has to be preferred.

Enjoy the games! See you soon.


Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions with me. Any queries or comments to the KID Forum, or to me directly at (subscribers only) would be most welcome.