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Hello everyone,
This time I've taken games from many different tournaments, but the level of play will remain very high: the top players this time are Radjabov, Mamedyarov, Cheparinov, Ivanchuk and Bacrot and as usual the accent is on the Classical System. Victor

Download PGN of September '08 KID games

Classical: The Bayonet attack

The diagram position arose after 12...Nf4 in Gymesi, Z - Savchenko, B, Baltic Sea Cup 2008, a move which surprisingly hasn't yet been covered on the site:

Black played a novelty two moves later, but already his subsequent few moves were wrong and so White took the initiative and won the game without too many difficulties. 15...c5 looks like a possible improvement.

In Bacrot, E - Nataf, IA, 83rd ch-FRA Pau 2008, the diagram arose after 10...Kh8:

This relatively rare continuation didn't bring Black particularly good results in the past and the current game only confirmed its bad reputation. Bacrot played well and, despite Nataf's novelty, won rather convincingly. Probably the main lines with 10...f5 and 10...a5 should be preferred.

Nielsen has picked-up the 10.g3 line, which Van Wely has recently been trying to revive after some bad results in the other main lines of the Bayonet attack.

In the above position Black played the novelty 14...Bh6. Everything went logically until Black's dubious 24th move, after which White gained the advantage and won the game despite mutual mistakes. An interesting game, which once again proves that the 10.g3 line deserves serious attention, see Nielsen,PH-Socko,B, Politiken Cup 2008.

Classical: The Old main line with 9.Ne1

In Korchnoi, V - Cheparinov, I, 3rd NH Amsterdam 2008, Korchnoi played his favourite line and introduced a novelty in the diagram position:

Here he played 18. Bxa6 bxa6 19.Qc2 going for the c-pawn. At the same time the Bulgarian GM went for play on the opposite side of the board, but Korchnoi was the first to err, his 21.g3 allowing Black to generate a strong attack. Instead he should have played 21.fxg4 with a complicated position. An interesting double-edged game, which showed the potential of Black's attack on the kingside. Since the positions arising are very complicated, further tests of the 13...Rf6 line are necessary.

The Orthodox with 7...Na6

Recently I analysed the game Navara,D (2672)-Svidler,P (2746)/Baku AZE 2008, which featured 15. Qc2 in this position:

In Fressinet, L - Degraeve, JM, 83rd ch-FRA Pau 2008, Fressinet successfully improved upon Navara's play with 15.Be2, and with a series of precise moves obtained a big advantage. A convincing victory for White that proved once again that the 10...c6 line is dangerous for Black.

The Petrosian System

In this initial position of the Petrosian system Black usually plays 8...h6, but in Graf, A - Smirin, I, Acropolis Open 2008, Smirin played the less popular 8...Na6 instead, and obtained a slightly worse, but defendable position. White was just slightly better throughout the game, but Black's position remained rather solid and even some mutual mistakes didn't change the course of the game. So we can consider the 8...Na6 line to be playable for Black.

Early deviations: 5.Bf4

This line sees its first appearance on our pages in Ivanchuk, V - Radjabov, T, 2nd FIDE GP Sochi 2008:

Radjabov decided to play the rare 7...Qb6 after ...c5, and with the help of a clever pawn sacrifice obtained compensation for a pawn. After a solid performance from both players the game was drawn, so the side line chosen by Radjabov proved to be playable.

Early deviations: 4...Bg4

Finally, the line with 4...Bg4 wasn't yet covered on

Surprisingly for Sokolov, after making just a few logical moves the position was already equal in Sokolov, I - Mamedyarov, S, XXIII Rapid Open 2008, and the first mistake (14.Bb2) already brought White to the edge of the precipice. Black took hold of the initiative and led the game to a crushing triumph. This game shows that this rare line is not without poison, so one needs to be very careful when facing it. For example, 8.g4 deserves some practical tests.

Back soon, Victor

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