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Hero of the Month

Gary Lane

England's 35-year-old IM Gary Lane was born in Paignton, Devon, on Wednesday 4 November 1964, and the number 64 has turned out to be especially significant in Gary's life, because on the 8x8 chessboard he really is a master. Numerous fortunate pupils have benefited from his skilful coaching, as Gary imparted invaluable knowledge to scores of young aspiring champions.

In Old English, the name 'Gary' means 'spear', and Gary Lane certainly likes to go straight for the point by playing sharp attacking chess! Just take a look, for example, at his many action-packed books and Foxy Openings videos, or enjoy Gary's own Anti-Sicilians site. If the choice is too big, then stay right here on this e4-e5 site where our hero demonstrates his favourite answer for Black against the Exchange Ruy Lopez in game G13.34.2. The opponent soon regretted deciding to TEST GARY in that opening; or to turn things around, you could say it was the wrong STRATEGY!!

Now let's have a wee bit extra fun with letters and Gary, since he has teased me often enough before! If I didn't want to admit that he's more than two years younger than I am, then I could pretend "OH MY, GARY LANE IS OLD"!! More sensible advice would be to rearrange the 17 bold letters and urge you to study HIS MANY REALLY GOOD games!

To crown everything, Gary is about to make his best-ever move this year- he's going to Australia, and for the happiest of reasons: marriage. I wish Gary and his wife-to-be every joy in their life together.

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